Custom manufactured machined shafts including Ship propeller, marine shafts, large diameter shafts, generator shafts, shaft balancing, shaft straightening and more.

With our experience providing fast and competitively priced service for even the most complex machining requirements, Winchester Precision Technologies is uniquely qualified to meet your machined shaft fabrication needs

Our knowledgeable staff of engineers designs every machined shafts to resist degradation at high temperatures and speeds, to offer superior performance and durability in a variety of demanding applications.

  • Up to 570" Long
  • All Alloys
  • 3 plane Computerized Dynamic Balancing (With Certified Reports)

Machined Shafts for Demanding Applications Everywhere

Learn More about the applications served with machined shafts by Winchester

Ship shafts- certified custom manufacturer of propeller shafts for ships and boats. We manufacturer shafts including Propeller, Intermediate, Torque tubes, Gear shafts and stern tubes

Marine shafts- fabrication, machining and repair services including marine shafting equipment. Applications include usage in marine, barge, and bridge applications including commercial ship.

Large diameter shafts- Machined shafts for all industries including Power generation, Chemical process, Food, pulp and paper, Marine

Shaft Repair- Inspection, NDE, Bearing sleeves, Bearing diameters, Seal sleeves, straightening

Shaft design- our engineers use the most technologically advanced engineering tools to anticipate and analyze potential stresses to determine the load limits that the machined shaft can sustain and prolong the fatigue life of custom machined shaft.

Power generation shafts- for wind, steam, hydro and oil power generation.

Machined shafts by Winchester Precision Technologies can be found in a variety of applications around the world, including:

  • Ship Shafts
  • Ship Propulsion
  • Hydroelectric shafts
  • Generator Shafts
  • Gear Shafts
  • Propeller Shafts
  • Torque tubes
  • Stern Tubes
  • Rotors
  • Turbine shafts
  • Pump shafts
  • Fan Shafts
  • Mixing shafts