Your Resource for Felt Roll Service, Engineering, and Manufacturing

For businesses in the paper and paperboard industry, the felt roll plays a critical role in the paper making process. As a vital part of a paper machine, felt rolls are subject to intense wear over time. Falling behind on maintenance can lead to costly repairs and downtime. This is where Winchester’s expertise makes a difference.

For years, we’ve been the authority on engineering, manufacturing, and service for felt rolls of every kind. Whether you need manufacturing support, service, or an entirely new felt roll - we’re confident we can provide a solution for rolls up to 500” in length.

New Felt Rolls

  • Design Engineering
  • Manufacturing

Existing Felt Rolls

  • Servicing
  • Grinding
  • Repair
  • Optimization
  • 3 Planed Dynamic Balancing

Rolls Serviced & Engineered

  • Wet Press Felt Rolls
  • Dryer Felt Rolls
  • Rubber Covered Felt Rolls
  • Plasma Coated/Thermal Sprayed/Release

Felt Roll Design and Manufacturing at Winchester Precision Technologies

What separates Winchester from other felt roll experts is our comprehensive expertise manufacturing, engineering, and reverse-engineering all manner of industrial rolls.

At Winchester, we manufacture a wide variety of industrial rolls with the goal of providing our customers with rolls that they can rely on for years to come. Whether your applications call for a single roll or multiple felt rolls – our engineering team is dedicated to considering your existing equipment, application, and budget to suggest the best available solution.